I posted this on my facebook page, Kiery’s Whimsy last night, and thought I’d extend it here:

Throwing this out there for any writers: I’ll work on your book illustrations for the cost of supplies (like $10-$20) and credit if/when it’s published (I’m available to do an image or two for blog posts/articles also, waiving the supply costs).

Just email me, you can find my contact information at pullfolio and also under the “Talk” page here. For blog post/article illustrations, I’ll upload varying sizes of high quality scans on flickr like I did for Eliza’s post on Quivering Daughters. For books, depending on how many pictures there are, I’ll either email you the high quality (300 dpi standard) scans, or set up a private place where you can download them online.
I obviously won’t be doing this forever (especially for like, nothing), but as I’m just starting out, I thought it would be a good idea to offer my help to writers who would have a hard time finding illustrations otherwise.


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