My Week (again)

Since I last posted, last weekish, I had awesome friends over and we had a fun time doing random touristy things we’d never done before, and watching movies and hanging out. Then I got sick…and I’ve been in bed all week this week – mostly sleeping and eating vitamin C and cough drops. It’s slowly beginning to help. Honestly, taking a break has been sort of a good thing for me. I’ve gotten a chance to think about some things – like christmas, and some art related projects, groggy ideas of plans that I still need to write down. I’ve realized some really good stuff comes to me when I’m unable to do anything….which usually only happens when I’m sick.
I decided that I want to stick with painting dark/night scenes. I want to use different sizes. I’d like to play with themes and sets. Next year (spring/summer ideally) I’d like to have enough *good* paintings to show at a gallery or an art show, and eventually bring my store back from the dead. I’d also like to keep working on illustration – nice because it sort of goes hand in hand with my painting…since I sketch everything out first.
I’d also like to level my lowest WoW character(18) to 20 and my highest(64) to 80…so I can get lich king and cataclysm. I need to seriously start thinking about how I’m going to use facebook, twitter, and blogging for art and become way more diligent. It’d help if I stopped getting sick.
I also decided that as soon as I’m better and can move for long periods of time without getting dizzy or nauseated I’m going to try and disinfect everything with my new Green (97% naturally derived) Clorox spray stuff I got yesterday. I would get bleach, but the smell makes Alex gag and I think the green products are better. Less chemicals are good, right? 😉



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  1. lollypop Avatar

    sry you are sick! i’ve been building my immune system up cuz i was getting sick like every month or so. i haven’t been taking them that long so don’t know yet if they work. i had an awesome time you gals & have some awesome photos to prove it! disinfecting can help but i’m like immune system it’s time to man up!!

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