Color and Canvas

I’ve been stuck in bed with a cold all week which landed me in bed all week. Honestly, I’m still *in* bed, just finally coherent enough to write. Last night I managed to muster up enough energy to go to Walmart and grocery shop (because we were out of food) and while I was there I looked at canvasses. I’ve been wanting to try some different sizes, I was hoping to find some 5x7s but the smallest they carried were 8x10s so I grabbed a pack of those and then a pack of my “regular” 11×14. I’m excited. I’ve been planning a sort of christmas gift with one of the smaller canvasses, so it will be nice to actually start that. I think though, that I’m going to paint it in acrylics as opposed to oils, since it’ll be my first time shipping a painting (wish me luck) when it’s completed.
Being sick this week has been really sucky. It was so cold last week, and this week it was in the 60’s and the leaves are starting to peak in town. This morning when I got up to grab some cranberry juice and vitamin c gummies (they taste good, and we couldn’t find any Ester C) I opened the blinds in the kitchen window and one of the trees on our driveway had just turned a bright yellow. It’s beautiful. On overcast days like today I think the colors stand out even more, I wished I could go outside and take a picture, but I wasn’t up for that (and it got cold again).



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    i wonder what you are thinking for a christmas gift? sounds neato!

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