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LOTR (and stuff)

It’s weird, blogging almost daily and then not touching it for several days. I was missing it this morning, but didn’t really have time to sit down and write until now. The last few days have been full of fun adventures (and the exhaustion that inevitably follows, tomorrow I’ll probably sleep in late).
So, earlier this week, we planned on going to see The Fellowship of the Ring (extended edition) in New Hampshire for it’s one-night re-release event.
Hannah wanted to go in costume, and I decided I wanted to also, so, on Monday we went to walmart to see if we could find anything to piece together a costume with. We found a Tube-top Maxi dress in black, then went off to the sewing section to get some sheer black material to attach a cape/sleeves and some ribbon to tie around the front. I decided to go as a random elf, and Hannah wore a version of Arwen’s riding outfit that she’d put together on Saturday. Hannah, Amanda, and I spent most of Monday working on the costume – pinning, hemming, piecing together. Sheer material is hard to sew – especially if it’s been a while. It was really nice to sew again though, it’s been too long. I’d like to get my machine fixed, or buy a new one someday.
If costume making wasn’t enough – we got sparkle paint, foam brushes, and buttons at Walmart because a family friend gave me a little boat-shelf that Amanda and I decided to turn into a fairy house. I’ve been wanting a fairy/dollhouse, so when I saw the boat-shelf, my first thought was that it was a great shape for a fairy house and that it just needed to have it’s oar taken off and some paint added. So after we put together the costume, Amanda and I painted the shelf with sparkles. It currently looks like a fairy hiccuped and sent pixie dust flying – which is a perfectly good look in my opinion. I haven’t done anything with the furniture Amanda was sweet enough to make and find for me, but when I do that, and possibly add some holes in the wood, and paint details on the outside, I’ll post pictures.
Monday night, we took Hannah home and stopped by Michael’s on the way. We picked up some Liquid Latex with the intent of making elf ears. Unfortunately, Michaels didn’t carry Spirit gum or Scar wax – so we ended up spending the night experimenting with making ears only to realize that it would be hard to attach them.
We hung out most of the day, and went to Claire’s where I picked up some last minute makeup to finish off my costume – warm palette of eyeshadow and sparkly liquid eyeliner. I also looked into what goes into a stage makeup kit. So I picked up some eyelash curlers and sparkly green nail polish. When the ears were dry, we tried to put them on with double sided tape, which surprisingly didn’t stick to ears. So we’ve resolved to find some scar wax and spirit gum in time for The Hobbit and we’re hoping to be able to experiment with prosthetics a little. I’d like to learn how to do stage makeup – I think Super 8 might have inspired me a little bit. I’d like to get a kit together, so I think I’ll start building my own intermittently, and maybe sometime we can buy some character makeup kits.
So, an hour before we had to leave, Hannah and I started getting ready and putting our costumes. Maxi dresses are long even when I’m wearing high heels. I haven’t worn a long dress in a long time. When we got to the theater, Hannah and I were the only two people who were dressed up. But afterwords some one came up to use and told us they were beautiful, and some other people were geeking out, so it was all good. The only sad thing was that IHOP was closed…I was really looking forward to getting pancakes at 10:30, but apparently they don’t do that in New Hampshire. So we got some food at McDonalds, only to see on the way back home, that Applebees was still open. We were too tired to think, and got home an hour and 15 minutes later and crashed.

Today we slept, and I made crepes for lunch because there were no pancakes for dinner. Hannah and I played through the lego pirates demo and explored the Kinect Fun Labs. My brain is moving slow today – I may be slightly over tired. Right now Alex is making latex molds of a rock and leaves. We had leftovers for dinner and I feel oddly ready for bed…but I also want to work on my fairy house. Oh, and I replaced my cardboard desk with a chest my in-laws weren’t using anymore, so now, my art stuff is all organized! ūüėÄ

How to Make a Disaster (and then do something with it)

Yesterday, I spent all afternoon making a paper chain of rainbow hearts to put over the office door. Kind of like the bead things, but cheaper, because I had paper,markers, super glue and string. It looked fantastic

I don’t know whether to blame the cat or the slightly open window for the chain-turned-distaster last night, but this morning when I woke up, it was all a pile on the floor and looked like this.¬†

I spent the same amount of time making it yesterday as I did trying to untangle it today. But I couldn’t untangle it. I was too tired and frustrated and so I decided to just give up and do something else with it. So I grabbed some more tape and a chair and decided to make a ceiling decoration instead.

So now there’s a pretty rainbow paper chandelier near the door in my office, that hopefully won’t fall down again tomorrow morning.


Today I’m going to make into a personal day, at least what’s left of it. I’m tired, I haven’t played World of Warcraft in ages and I spent most of the day trying to fix something that didn’t work. So I’m going to play World of Warcraft at some point and then maybe do some reading up on things and maybe, *maybe* work on some crocheting for International Yarn Bombing day. It’s one of those I-feel-frustrated-and-angsty-and-restless-but-too-tired-to-do-anything days, which are horribly frustrating. I’m *not* going to make myself spend it cleaning (as much as that needs to be done) because that’ll kind of defeat the purpose.

Yesterday was nice though, Alex surprised me with an adorable shirt from Gap and then took me to see Bridesmaids after we went grocery shopping.


We got bagels yesterday, so we had some for breakfast – I’m not sure what we’re having for dinner yet, probably just something easy. We need to run and get all the fresh and cold things we didn’t get yesterday.

Anniversary Leave

Our 2nd anniversary is on Memorial day, so I probably won’t be posting until Tuesday.
Today was warm, really warm – we might put in our AC soon – although now it’s drastically cooling down and we’re under a severe thunderstorm watch, so I’m almost shivering. I didn’t paint anything today, but I did exercise and play with my hair (which should be an art of it’s own, really, because the most creative I usually get with it is pigtails, ponytails or hats). I made a weird side braid that I then attempted to twist into the rest of my hair to make a bigger braid. It didn’t last long in my greasy hair, but it was kind of fun, I’ll have to play with that a little bit more.

I’ve been working my way through some of the programs on Your Shape for the Kinect and well…..my muscles are working I think, found some I didn’t know I had. I feel good even though I’m in a little bit of pain and my legs feel like jello. I like that there are programs and routines and whatever that take place over time, and that I can mix it up if I want to – they even have things for getting bikini ready, which I haven’t downloaded yet (I don’t have enough points or something?) but I would like to, sometime, after I work through the beginner levels and into the other slightly more intense programs. Right now I’m just sort of trying to get through the easy stuff.
I’m hoping that all the walking and sit ups and working out I’ve been good about since March will pay off soon, but my hormones are all nuts so I’ve actually gained 4 pounds instead of losing. I hope they figure themselves out soon, or I might look into donating them (if that were ever a thing). I feel like the medical procedures I make up should exist and have no harmful side-effects, but alas…
I also made soup today, which was fine until I couldn’t lift the pan with rue-d veggies without hurting my list and had a breakdown in which I swore off cooking ever again. I can only take so much of it, and then I flip. I’ve cooked more in the last month than I have in a lonnnng time and I started getting stressed. It smells good though, I feel like I should take another long break, but I don’t know. We need to eat, and I don’t want to eat out all the time, and frozen stuff is only so good when neither of us feel like cooking. I like it when Alex cooks. ^.^
Anyway, all that to say, I (probably) won’t be around till Tuesday. Have a great Memorial Day everyone!


I thought I was tired yesterday. I’m beginning to think that I need the sun to like, live and stuff.
I can’t seem to muster up the energy to do much of anything. I did play World of Warcraft until the lag or connection or something overtook it and I was wandering around Azshara waiting for snipers to come out of trees and they never did, and my companion stopped following me, it wasn’t until I tried to exit my machine 30 minutes later that I realized something must not be working right.
It’s that kind of day. My brain is slow.
So, I went on a walk, and came back and decided I didn’t want to make soup for dinner after all, and I didn’t want to do the dishes, and I didn’t have the energy to paint (seriously, the last time there was a *glimpse* of sun was sometime last week) because it would involve doing dishes so I could clean my palette. ¬†Although, I did come up with a brilliant idea of *what* to paint when my energy returns to me.
The golden snitch! It’s yellowish. When I paint again, and consequently, use my last canvas – I want to paint something bright…and Harry Potter related. The Snitch is perfect for that.
I’ve spent the time since then on Pinterest -where I’ve been finding cool artistic things and pinning them. I have a board for things to inspire me, and things that I like, and house things, and cool things. I’ve had way too much fun with it – you can even follow me here:¬†http://pinterest.com/kiery/
Lastly, dinner is frozen steak fajitas from TGI Friday’s, because…….I’m freezing, tired, and neither of us feel like actually cooking.

I need sun! (and also, dinner adventures)

Today was just one day in a string of dismal, misty, cold, wet, days. Unfortunately, it’s not the last either – although at the moment the weekend is looking a little brighter. Needless to say, it’s taken it’s toll on me. I’m not used to this much lack of sun. I feel like winter hasn’t ended yet even though it’s been in the 40’s and 50’s. So today I was lethargic. I didn’t end up painting or doing all that much. I did one interesting though, in hopes of brighter days ahead. I took all my shirts and all my jeans and all my jackets and scarves and hats and put them together in ways that I *hope* I’ll remember to wear them this summer and maintain a look of artistic cuteness as opposed to this-shirt-was-at-the-top-of-my-drawer-and-it-matched-ness.
I get tired of how I feel in my clothes – I feel like I should probably put a little more thought into it than I currently do, because I want to look and feel good about myself in what I’m wearing. Hopefully this will help, and I can always do it again if I need to.
The other, slightly less interesting thing I did was make dinner. I got Alex hooked on this version of Shepherds pie I made up a few weeks ago.  Mostly because I made an inside gravy/sauce thing.
Which is roughly this:

1/4 c water
1/2 packet beef bullion
1/2 tsp cornstarch
3-4 drops worcester sauce
season to taste (or smell)

(I used a little more water this time, because I made more filling). Basically I just eyeball it to make sure all the meat/peas/corn are coated and then I put in some cornstarch so it’s not all watery.
I also cheat and use Bob Evan’s mashed potatoes that I microwave for 6 minutes and then put on top.
/this has been dinner adventures with Kiery, tune in next time.


I need someone to make an infographic of all the vitamins and things you need to have every day and what kinds of food to find them in, that way I can look at it and figure out how to make food that has all of it in there. Something that I could draw lines between to make a meal would be super fun. I really wish I remembered the things from my nutrition dvds in highschool…
Also, an info graphic on how to adjust my eyes and nose to cat hair would be cool too. I don’t think the weather outside is helping at all either. It’s too cold and wet to open the windows for long. I did just sweep up though, so I probably got some more furs on me. It’s nothing unbearable though, just not used to it yet. Tonks is so worth it though, he’s adorable.

sidebar: I did some more screenwriting in my office on my comfy futon. I think I’m going to finish the dishes and paint to Harry Potter, and if there’s time, do some questing in Northrend before I finish the laundry and go grocery shopping. (Dinner adventure consists of applebees because we already ate the tasty salisbury steak for lunch).


Been cooking a little more off and on, I suspect I’ll probably be cooking more often this week and or least until Alex isn’t working late as much.
Today I made hamburgers because our tomato was going bad – I made the last of our natural frozen fries and added carrots for some crunchy vitamin A or whatever it is.
I need to go grocery shopping…
We had leftovers for lunch, and we’ll probably have the left over casserole that my mother in law sent us home with tomorrow (THANK YOU!).
/this has been dinner adventures with Kiery. Tune in next time.

A twist

So today, I thought it would be fun to make a watercolor of a brown haired Repunzel – Maybe it’s just because I’m brunette and it seems like the blondes get all (or most of) the rescuing by the prince. Especially if they have blue eyes.¬†

Admittedly though, my prince happens to have a thing for brunettes (with brown eyes)….I like dark haired guys, so it all works out.
Yes that was a Tangled reference. Also, I really like that in the end (SPOILER ALERT) her hair was brown – a perfect twist to end a tangled up fairy tale. It used to really bother me that the blue-eyed blondes got all the songs and specialness because I’m dark haired, dark eyed, and when exposed to lots of sun, my middle eastern and portuguese heritage shines through and I get really dark tans – and I wanted to have songs about me, and I wanted to be special….and I am – there’s even a song about brown eyed girls after all.

The Balloons

The past few days I’ve been working more on some screenwriting for our short film based on my book,¬†The Balloon Lady. Our working title is currently, The Balloons.

We’ve been brainstorming for a few months and working out what we’ll need – like a camera (our Canon T3i) and making random short videos on vimeo to practice, well, shooting and editing. Right now, I’m just hashing out a rough draft, and I’m about halfway done. The idea is to turn my children’s book story, into a more “grown up” short film – which gives us room to adapt it without actually copying the original book.
I’m using Celtix and Google Docs for writing – usually up side by side so my screen looks something like this.

This way, I can see my outline as I’m writing the script. Then, when I’m done, I’ll upload the script to plotbot so Alex and Hannah can comment on it and we can fine tune it from there.
For some reason, I find writing easier when I’m just trying to channel some of my emotions into it when I’m having trouble letting them out. Maybe it’s because of the emotional state I was in when I first wrote the book, that because the energy that inspired it is so similar to the film adaptation, it helps to use similar (or the same) emotions while trying to write the screenplay. Music also seems to aid my focus – I’ve always enjoyed doing things more when there’s music in the background, I think it distracts me enough to concentrate in an odd way.

I'm Better!

I’m so close to being back to normal, I’m really happy. Today I finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and walked to the library to take out the Half Blood Prince, and then reserved the Deathly Hallows (on CD!). Can’t wait to finish the series, honestly. It’s moving and hits something that I haven’t been able to pin point, but anyway. I didn’t end up painting today, because I’m out of watercolor paper and was busy doing some cleaning and then was sort of intent on listening to the last few chapters.
Yesterday, we listened to the Order of the Phoenix while putting together our futon. We finally got one! I’m thrilled, I spent the rest of the evening cleaning and re-organizing the office around it and letting the mattress set. Now we can have people over and they can sleep on something that’s not a love-seat.

It’s taking on more of a modern-meets-whimsy look now that there’s actually more than a bookshelf for furniture in there. I tried taping up my fairy houses, but the blue one keeps falling, so it’s hovering over my cardboard desk at the moment, which I do hope to replace eventually, and maybe get some decent tables and a rug. We’ll see. We can also have a cat now, so I cleared out and cat-proofed the closet since, unfortunately, that’s where the litter box will have to be. But we’ll get a good one, so it shouldn’t hurt anything anyway. I’m excited.