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I may be just a tad excited

I feel like I can legitimately say “I’m an artist” now. I finally stopped telling myself “no” (giving myself permission to be creative with my hair, not just canvas)- and then Alex surprised me by setting up an appointment for me. I feel free and beautiful. I haven’t been able to stop saying “I HAVE BLUE HAIR” since yesterday.


And Now For My Next Trick!

Today I cleaned out the closet in my office – and by cleaned I mean tore down the christmas tree, put it in a box and put the CD’s on the floor back in the case (there’s not a ton on the ground in my closet, just space hogs). Then I took down the prints that have been on the closet doors for a long time and replaced them with some Art Cards that I’ve collected from the exchanges. I left out a handful of CD’s that didn’t fit back in the case and decided it would be fun to paint them.
Several hours later, this was created:

On the shiny side, I learned that watercolors seem to stick better – and on the cover, I tore up labels and stuck them on top and then went over those with acrylics. It adds a nice feel to my office. 🙂

Thought of the day

(well, and yesterday too)
Freedom isn’t something you ask for – it’s something you give/find/take/fight for yourself.
In other words, asking for permission (from others) doesn’t work. But sometimes, it’s been there all along waiting for you to to get up and allow yourself to take it. Realizing in the process, that you were the thing holding you back – after years of hearing others and yourself telling you “no” – that courageous step is sometimes as simple as telling yourself “yes“.


So I have this great idea for an art card – a snow at night painting, with a fairy holding a lantern. But it’s too cold, grey, and dark outside for me to paint it (read: I’m too cold and tired). I also have another idea for my last 16×20 canvas…but again with the being super tired thing. Half of me feels like I should just go do it….but the other side of me also knows I haven’t been able to work up enough energy to sweep my floors (thanks winter :P) and should probably just take a nap.
I was hoping to play some WoW today, but it was down (I think it’s back up now) so I finished reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets instead. I bought it while I was in Oregon, because I wanted to read something lighter than Orwell. It feels really good to read (and finish) a book again. I didn’t realize how much I missed it – or how long it’d actually been since I read a story.  Now, I can go to the library and get the rest of the series. For some reason they were always out of book #2. It’s funny, I used to eat books up when I was in school, and so did my husband, but now we don’t anymore – we read lots of things online, or get books for information, like Act or Die, but as far as sitting down and reading a story, that doesn’t happen much. Actually, it mostly happens on our iOS devices while waiting in line for a movie showing. Go figure.
I’d like spring to come now, cold and grey and snow for another week just sounds horribly unpleasant.

Fire, rain, and sleepy Kiery

When the alarms went off it was raining outside and dark in the room – perfect combination for sleeping in, so I did…until I started hearing sirens. At first I thought there was just an alarm going off at Starbucks and they sent a truck, as always to check it out (almost always false alarms) but then it got louder and closer. A few minutes later, more sirens, and it sounded like they were going down our street – they were. Apparently there was something going on at the school. I woke up, looked out the window – still rainy, couldn’t see any smoke, we opened the window in the kitchen and heard radio voices – and everyone was leaving the school. When I went outside on a walk, I noticed the air did smell a little smokey. I still don’t know what happened, just that I woke up from loud noises and then hoped it wouldn’t come over here (it didn’t).
So, I was grumpy, because I was tired and I decided to take it out in WoW. Mostly because I haven’t played in a while, and killing Lake Spirits for Motes of Water sounded like a good way to blow off some steam. The one problem with working the Master of Transmutation quest in Nagrand (because I’ve been wanting to quest there for a while) is that I’m 5 levels above everything – which is great for not dying, but not so hot on filling up the 3 bars I have left before I hit level 71 and get another talent point. Although, technically it’s for levels 64-70. I think the reason I waited so long was because I was flying over once at level 62 or so, and got caught by one of the guarded pvp areas with a level 72 something, which made me think I needed to wait longer than I did. Anyway, I *know* Nagrand has all the mats I need because I’ve seen all the elements there, but after I finish the other quests  I have, I think I’ll hit Shadowmoon Valley so I can get the Explore Outland achievement before moving onto Northrend.

Level 70

I made it! This morning I made it to level 70 questing around Netherstorm. I’m super excited. I just have the rest of Netherstorm and Nagrand left and I’ll be done with outland and onto Northrend! I think joining a level 5 guild may have helped also. I’m very proud of myself, I usually top out at around 20 and make other people, but I’ve stuck with my main and made it wayyy farther than I thought I would, even Alex is proud. Yay!

Raiding and Leveling

I decided to spend today playing WoW and cleaning (because my hands were too cold after washing dishes to paint). So I was hanging around Ironforge doing my last Love Is In the Air quests when someone on the trade channel was looking for healers. The other day I just completed my Paladin’s Holy talent tree (healing abilities) and set up a second action bar for just my heal spells so I could do dungeons with some friends. So I sent him a tell and did my first raid with a bunch of level 85’s. Nobody died! I can heal people! yay! Admittedly, we were going against level 72 Elites and a boss, but still, being the lowest level player and the healer for 4 other 85’s, I felt pretty good about myself.
Not to mention, that I earned 100 gold just from that instance.
So I’m going to be doing some more dungeons with friends later, hopefully, and I definitely will try to be less shy about offering my healing services for people looking to raid.
I also got some Epic clothing for when I hit level 70 (half a level to go). And while I was questing in Netherstorm, I got an axe that GLOWS! Finally I have glowing weapons!
/geek kiery

psycho cleaning

Alex has me down to a science now. He knows the day after I spend all day in bed I will go on what he calls a “psycho cleaning” binge. Which is basically when I wake up, walk out of my room and discover that my apartment looks somewhat similar to tornado wreckage. There’s dishes all over and trash that needs to be taken out, and I make the mistake of talking about it while he’s in the middle of working which alerts him to grumpy-kiery-cleaning-time about to take place. Usually, I’m able to actually get to the cleaning part with Alex just being mildly annoyed and not stopping me and then the house is clean even though I still don’t feel all that well.
But Today! He intercepted me and put me back in my nice clean bedroom…and I decided that sounded better after I went back out and talked more and got some snacks and movies and Alex told me he needed to concentrate. So this is day two of staying in my nice clean, freshly re-arranged room and Alex taking care of me and bringing me food. I know I’ll hate it in the morning, but right now I’m enjoying hanging out under the blankets, looking at the glare of the sun on the snow outside my window, and thinking about sleeping more because I still have a headache.
I’ve also realized this is a good time to work on leveling my main. I made great progress yesterday, I’ve held off today because of my headache, maybe I’ll sneak out in search of tylenol (because it works better than ibuprofen) and work on that this afternoon.
Kudos baby.

Valentines Day

Something I noticed about Valentines day is that the guys usually go unnoticed.
Not that I’m complaining about having AWESOME Valentines days, because I do, and Alex makes sure of that…

but I love him too, and don’t want to be the only one feeling special today.
So I got him Valentines.

Not chocolates or roses (because those are mine :D) but things he enjoys.
Like a remote control Helicopter…

…and an America’s Test Kitchen cookbook that hasn’t been released yet (pre-order).

I hope he feels as special as I do. 🙂
*at the time of this writing Alex has already been enjoying his chopper and knows he’s getting the cookbook (and he’s psyched).

My Clutch Adventure

A few months ago, in an attempt to cut down on things I carry in my purse, I made myself a clutch. It was super cute – but the buttons and fraying fabric ribbons didn’t last overly long. So today, I went to claire’s for their huge after christmas/red-line sale and found a small purse that fit my iphone, wallet, prescription, keys, and earbuds (albeit snugly. it’s all essential!). *However* It didn’t have a wrist strap. So I went around the store looking at the other wristlets that were half off that had detachable straps and found one with a nice brown strap with similar material to the clutch that I actually planned on using.
I bought both of them, half off ($3 and $6) for $9 total (less than what you’d usually pay for a purse) I now have a clutch and an extra wallet. win!