Thought of the day

(well, and yesterday too) Freedom isn’t something you ask for – it’s something you give/find/take/fight for yourself. In other words, asking for permission (from others) doesn’t work. But sometimes, it’s been there all along waiting for you to to get up and allow yourself to take it. Realizing in the process, that you were the

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So I have this great idea for an art card – a snow at night painting, with a fairy holding a lantern. But it’s too cold, grey, and dark outside for me to paint it (read: I’m too cold and tired). I also have another idea for my last 16×20 canvas…but again with the being

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Level 70

I made it! This morning I made it to level 70 questing around Netherstorm. I’m super excited. I just have the rest of Netherstorm and Nagrand left and I’ll be done with outland and onto Northrend! I think joining a level 5 guild may have helped also. I’m very proud of myself, I usually top

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Valentines Day

Something I noticed about Valentines day is that the guys usually go unnoticed. Not that I’m complaining about having AWESOME Valentines days, because I do, and Alex makes sure of that… but I love him too, and don’t want to be the only one feeling special today. So I got him Valentines. Not chocolates or

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