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Oh lovely Sunday

Today I went out and braved the weather to buy some candles that smell (more) like a christmas tree. Right now, we’re on the couch with the tree lights on, candles flickering, christmas pictures circling through the apple TV and some Rudolph music on the radio. It feels warm and happy and peaceful as we sip our tea and just hang out. Which is basically how I spent all the rest of the day, and wrapping an extra present while we wait for the rest to come in the mail (yay online shopping!).

Moments like this are awesome. I’m home.


Yesterday was probably the best day I’ve had in a long time. We didn’t do much – Alex slept late, I played WoW and listened to the rain fall. For the first time in a while I didn’t feel stressed. We just did whatever. After Alex woke up we went to the grocery store and got some balloons and strawberries and Alex surprised me by making a dish of chocolate covered strawberries and bananas and then we decorated our tree in red and silver while watching Elf. We spent the rest of the night just hanging out and watching TV and fell asleep listening to the wind. It was awesome.
When I woke up this morning the rain had gone and it was 50º and it feels like Christmas. I haven’t really been in a Christmassy mood at all and I’ve just sort of been flowing through December, but today, I feel warm and happy and like cookies might be tasty.

My life this week

I had this interesting idea the other day – mostly because Alex keeps telling me that my art is awesome and sell-able – to revamp my storefront. I’m aiming to have everything done and ready by March (or May?) since most of the ideas are still formulating themselves and I have a lot of work to do, but I’m really excited (and enjoying using my Fireworks CS5 trial before it expires).
Tonight I have my art class, and I’ll leave early because it gets dark – but I’ll probably finish my night scene and start another. I’ll also need to buy more canvasses. O:)
Earlier today, I made a little light-stand because we moved the other end table into the bedroom two weeks ago and put the tv on it so we could stay in bed while we were sick. I think it turned out nicely. I wrapped the bottom box in wrapping paper and left the top box the way it was. Naturally, I put it on uneven but…..it looks nice. 😛
I did this *after* I swept the floors that have been collecting dust since we were sick a few weeks ago. I know, that’s lame – but now I feel super accomplished.
Later this week, it’s going to get really fun, because I have friends coming up and we’re going to try and get makeovers sometime on the weekend. Which will be awesome because…I’ve never had one before.
In the meantime, I’m going to go paint my nails black so all of the paint that gets stuck in them tonight (that takes about a week to get out) won’t be too obvious.

I love animation

Blame it on watching Scooby Doo, Arthur, and Disney Princess movies as a kid, but I love animation. Especially classic 2d animation. Yes, still. I’ve recently discovered Spongebob Squarepants, Phineas and Ferb (which has been on a marathon all day), Fox’s Animation Domination (Simpsons, Cleveland, Family Guy..) and South Park. Sometimes, when I’m in a really reminiscent mood, I’ll even flip on PBS and watch a Clifford re-run or find a disney movie just for kicks.
I don’t know what it is about this particular style, maybe it’s just the familiarity –  but even still, I find it hard to resist the short satires and comedies where anything can happen and the characters are back in the next episode (well, with the exception of some south park episodes, poor chef). Maybe it’s just because it’s simply enjoyable and entertaining, I usually end up smiling if not laughing and in general it just cheers me up.
So I’m saying it. I like cartoons. I like kids cartoons and adult cartoons, and I have been watching the Pineas and Ferb marathon all day.

Trading Cards

10 days from now I’ll be participating in my first ever artist trading card exchange! Freeport has been holding one every so often and I missed the last one, so when I found out they were doing it again, I signed up. Basically you make little art pieces on business card sized cardstock and you make sets/editions of 20 and then you hand them out to a bunch of other artists doing the same thing.
I just used some stationary I had and cut it into a business card size (2.5×3.5)  and used the excess pieces and my new sharpie pen to decorate them. My designs are all pretty different but have  many of the same elements so I’m hoping that’s what they mean by edition as opposed to 20 copies of the same thing (because I get bored making 20 exact copies by hand).
So anyway, I’m excited. I’ll get to see what the Freeport artist community looks like without having to pay the $30 to join, and I’ll get to meet some people. It’s perfect!