Trading Cards

10 days from now I’ll be participating in my first ever artist trading card exchange! Freeport has been holding one every so often and I missed the last one, so when I found out they were doing it again, I signed up. Basically you make little art pieces on business card sized cardstock and you make sets/editions of 20 and then you hand them out to a bunch of other artists doing the same thing.
I just used some stationary I had and cut it into a business card size (2.5×3.5)  and used the excess pieces and my new sharpie pen to decorate them. My designs are all pretty different but have  many of the same elements so I’m hoping that’s what they mean by edition as opposed to 20 copies of the same thing (because I get bored making 20 exact copies by hand).
So anyway, I’m excited. I’ll get to see what the Freeport artist community looks like without having to pay the $30 to join, and I’ll get to meet some people. It’s perfect!


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