And Now For My Next Trick!

Today I cleaned out the closet in my office – and by cleaned I mean tore down the christmas tree, put it in a box and put the CD’s on the floor back in the case (there’s not a ton on the ground in my closet, just space hogs). Then I took down the prints that have been on the closet doors for a long time and replaced them with some Art Cards that I’ve collected from the exchanges. I left out a handful of CD’s that didn’t fit back in the case and decided it would be fun to paint them.
Several hours later, this was created:

On the shiny side, I learned that watercolors seem to stick better – and on the cover, I tore up labels and stuck them on top and then went over those with acrylics. It adds a nice feel to my office. 🙂


  1. Anne Avatar

    Sweet! Whoda thunk. 😉 Looks great!

  2. Mary M Avatar
    Mary M


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