My Clutch Adventure

A few months ago, in an attempt to cut down on things I carry in my purse, I made myself a clutch. It was super cute – but the buttons and fraying fabric ribbons didn’t last overly long. So today, I went to claire’s for their huge after christmas/red-line sale and found a small purse that fit my iphone, wallet, prescription, keys, and earbuds (albeit snugly. it’s all essential!). *However* It didn’t have a wrist strap. So I went around the store looking at the other wristlets that were half off that had detachable straps and found one with a nice brown strap with similar material to the clutch that I actually planned on using.
I bought both of them, half off ($3 and $6) for $9 total (less than what you’d usually pay for a purse) I now have a clutch and an extra wallet. win!


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