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Valentines Day

Something I noticed about Valentines day is that the guys usually go unnoticed.

Not that I’m complaining about having AWESOME Valentines days, because I do, and Alex makes sure of that…

but I love him too, and don’t want to be the only one feeling special today.

So I got him Valentines.

Not chocolates or roses (because those are mine :D) but things he enjoys.

Like a remote control Helicopter…

…and an America’s Test Kitchen cookbook that hasn’t been released yet (pre-order).

I hope he feels as special as I do. 🙂

*at the time of this writing Alex has already been enjoying his chopper and knows he’s getting the cookbook (and he’s psyched).

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  1. I was just thinking about that earlier, how guys are kinda forgotten and emphasis is on chocolate/flowers/etc.

    Oh and that helicopter is pretty damn cool…my bro has one!

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