Things: an update

I have two very much needed weeks off. Well, one, now, but still. It’s weird, I crammed a lot into November and the first half of December and I’m emotionally drained and exhausted, but it’s been good?

I did the Ludum Dare and learned how to build a playable game (that’s still fun) in unity, in -48 hours.
I wrote some intense things that I finally had half-cohrent words for.
The organization I helped found turned one, and has grown so much in the last year, I don’t even.
I talked to some people about my life a few times.
Christmas happened.
It feels weird not to be trying to get in to the zone again, but it’s good, because I’m not ready. Right now I still need to hole up and play WoW (because I got the expansion for christmas) and keep my people happy in Godus.

And now I’m looking back at the world and the brink of 2015 – seeing Mara before I move, apartment hunting, traveling cross-country with my fluffbucket, fish, and spouse. Wondering if the world will ever get better and hoping beyond reason that it does, even though at the moment I want nothing more than to escape.

This week’s selfcare looks like: changing my pronouns to reflect my identity on places where I talk about myself in 3rd person, using my longhorns giftcard, getting some cute things at VS, making brownies, playing games, sleeping late, being comfy, and trying not to work too hard or get stuck in brain loops stressing about moving.
Probably also drawing with ink, just for me.
We’ll be back with our irregularly scheduled programming in 2015.


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