Tell Me Why The World Is Fucked

2014 has been intense shit.
I’m alone for a little while, and realizing how small I am.
There’s only so much I can do.
Before the need to attend to my psyche over powers my ability to be useful to the world.
And that’s okay. I’m trying to accept that.
I don’t have to be on all the time.
I can’t be on all the time.
But it doesn’t stop the world from feeling like it’s crumbling before me.
And I’m powerless to stop it.
So I try to make things that people who are stronger than I
can come to for a respite, a break, a moment of calm before facing the storm again.
That’s what I do right now, or try to anyway.
But tell me why the world is fucked
and if I can do something to fix it.
I’ll join the fight outside
leave the support station behind
and raise my sword by your side.
Tell me that the world is fucked
and that you need a break
I’ll give you a hug
and some chocolate in a mug
and let you rest and wait.






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