Kieryn Darkwater is a blue haired Labor Studies student at Laney College. They’ve been an activist for a long time and are currently organizing with East Bay for Everyone, the Coalition for Responsible Home Education, and the Laney Queers, in addition to co-hosting the Kitchen Table Cult podcast (which you can support here).

Kieryn grew up in a Christofascist quiverfull homeschooling family where they learned how to organize for the theocratic takeover of the right wing. This blog started out as a way to document the firsts of a newly married woman resistant to following the quiverfull path they were trained for.

Over the years this Bridging the Gap has become a safe place to deconstruct and process – from questioning the faith, to coming out as trans, to stemming the tide of fascism, and all the mental health crises in between.

This blog is a messy journey from sheltered homeschooled girl to confident hack-of-all-trades boi learning how get by and love themselves. If you want to watch that unfold in excruciating detail, start here.

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