About Kieryn

Kieryn at queer prom

You might have read I Was Trained for the Culture Wars in Home School Awaiting Mike Pence as Messiah on Autostraddle once (or even the follow up pieces), or maybe you know Kieryn from their work with the Coalition for Responsible Home Education, East Bay for Everyone, Mayoring YIMBYtown2017, cohosting the Kitchen Table Cult Podcast, or from running around campus organizing the Laney Queers. Maybe it’s none of those things and you wound up here on the way to the Delta Quadrant but found yourself asking who is Kieryn? and where did they come from?


Kieryn was homeschooled 
in the 90’s-00’s and grew up in a cult and cult-like environments. The reality of being the eldest daughter in a large conservative quiverfull family meant there wasn’t much (if any) time for having in-person friends. So they started blogging in 2005, and met other homeschoolers with similar backgrounds. When they escaped in 2009 they continued writing and documenting their evolution first of adapting to married life, then coming out as bileaving christianity, and abandoning the gender binary

Now, Kieryn is a student senator at Laney College and grappling with the impact of educational neglect, learning disabilities, and navigating school with…a structure? Sometimes if they aren’t buried in homework they write about it (and everything else) here, at Bridging the Gap. When Kieryn isn’t organizing at Laney, they can be found working to legalize multi-family homes in the bay area, and advocating for protections for homeschooled kids.

If they aren’t organizing something (check their pulse) then they’re making art, playing Destiny2 (or The Sims4), or wondering Lake Merritt at Pupper O’Clock. 

Want to get in touch? contact them here, or follow them on the internet!