Best Laid Plans

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short term plans
Mini meltdowns and overload of thoughts generally = focus and plans in the aftermath. I guess I’ve honed the skill of turning breakdowns into something useful over the years. The overwhelmingly trapped feeling gives way to “fuck it, I’m going to do some stuff, and I’m going to write it down so I KNOW”. So, that’s that. March and April seems to be the time that happens for me, lately. I don’t know why exactly, but I’d be willing to bet that the sudden feeling of living in a perpetual winter or perpetual deadness (no leafs or flowers get old) has something to do with it. Growing up in perpetual spring and summer makes the never-ending winter scary I think. I never know when to put coats away, or when it’ll stop being monochromatic. I know there’s green in June, but any time before that is sketchy and does weird things to my psyche.


  1. @realgtaylor Avatar

    Those plans sound great! I’m trying to write something on my Tumblr every day, so far so good, but I imagine it will get more difficult. Have you looked at Seasonal Affective Disorder? It’s something a few family members have, there are these really bright light-boxes that help.

    1. Kierstyn King Avatar

      Usually by the time I think about it, it’s almost over and I forget. Our Hues have helped a little, but I think it’s highly likely that’s my problem. I’m not used to not having sun, or having perpetual cold, and as much as I’m acclimating, my head doesn’t really agree with the concept. 😉

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