My sort-of-not-really-almost-schedule-of-day-ideas

In other words: What I want to tentatively do during the 5 weekdays starting with Monday.
Nothing happens on Monday, productive Mondays are non existant unless I feel otherwise. Mondays are for gaming and fun or being creative. Mondays are for recharging.
Tuesday is preproduction day for KieryGeek. Because I’m coming right off a relaxing and guilt-free Monday (hopefully) so I’m ready to do a lot of thinking and planning and writing and stuff.
Wednesday is the day I do Freeport Creative Arts related things as they come up, update the things that need updating and talk to whoever needs to be talked to.
Thursdays are for me, I think, maybe. If I can keep the guilt away. I’ll spend Thursday investing in whatever I need to, or feel like at the moment. Team Treehouse, Code Academy, reading my art books, reading a fun book, or gaming, or painting, or whatever. Also, game night.
Friday is for Bruce Roberts – making sure everything is updated, and checking up on the things that need to be checked up on, talking to whoever needs to be talked to.

In truth though, all of those a spread out over the course of any-given day as needs, calls, and ideas arrive. But for some reason, giving myself a tentative day to dedicate to each thing makes me not feel bad about spending time on one thing, when I could be doing something else. Thank you overactive guilt complex.
More than likely, this will completely change in the next few weeks. Especially because the production of KieryGeek will be an underlying element throughout everything too. Oh! I should make a graph!


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