I lived in a rigid world with rigid language. Words like evolve and evolution were almost taboo and never spoken except in reference to something bad (or the theory, which was also bad). The act of evolving was treated with disdain when it was obvious. The word fascinates, resonates with me – it always has.

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My sort-of-not-really-almost-schedule-of-day-ideas

In other words: What I want to tentatively do during the 5 weekdays starting with Monday. Monday: Nothing happens on Monday, productive Mondays are non existant unless I feel otherwise. Mondays are for gaming and fun or being creative. Mondays are for recharging. Tuesday: Tuesday is preproduction day for KieryGeek. Because I’m coming right off a relaxing

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She Decided

Yesterday I wrote a phrase on my whiteboard, and it sort of stuck and has been swirling around in my mind. She decided to start living the life she imagined. She believed she could, so she did. She replaced her fear of the unknown with curiosity. She looked around, and life was pretty amazing. I

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