Purple Space

I painted my white space purple. The painting looks “textured”, with multiple hues of reds and purple with shots of cerulean and in the corner, in white, I wrote “love” and called it good. I might add some more plum elements just to pull in the curtains more overtly, but at the moment, even with less plum, it ties things in rather nicely.
Room (redesigned) with painted canvas I haven’t done anything to the bedroom since, but I did give my bookshelf and The Flux some attention. I took down my animal/fairy display from the bookshelf so I could put more books on it.
Book Shelf, now with more books!
So, then I moved my awesome animal and fairy display into The Flux. I put the three cardboard boxes that I was keeping (after I got rid of a ton of others earlier) to use and covered them with some leftover cloak material and made myself a little corner.
A Kiery Corner
I also moved the desk off the green screen so we can use it again, and moved my sewing machine to floor so we can actually use the desk (currently, prop-making). Eventually, we’ll need to get another desk…


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