I have this weird ingrained thing where I have to clean or organize something on Friday. Sometimes it changes to Thursday, but it’s almost constantly Friday and it’s like a subconscious drive. I try to change it but it doesn’t work very well. Today, I worked on my wardrobe. I’ve been wanting to for a

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Purple Space

I painted my white space purple. The painting looks “textured”, with multiple hues of reds and purple with shots of cerulean and in the corner, in white, I wrote “love” and called it good. I might add some more plum elements just to pull in the curtains more overtly, but at the moment, even with

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Cozy {picture}

Staying in bed today, where it’s cozy – as you can tell. But there’s a little bit of progress – the colors are starting to tie in together nicely and I think it just feels cozy.