I have this weird ingrained thing where I have to clean or organize something on Friday. Sometimes it changes to Thursday, but it’s almost constantly Friday and it’s like a subconscious drive. I try to change it but it doesn’t work very well.
Today, I worked on my wardrobe. I’ve been wanting to for a while and one of the things that’s been on my to-do list is only wear/own clothes that make me feel good. So I sorted out my clothes into piles and was able to put the ones I wanted to wear back in my dresser (!) or hung them up. The real excitement will be after laundry. Because my most-worn/feel good clothes are in there so I’ll need to fit them in somehow.
Tuesday (I think?) I worked on the closet in The Flux. I saw someone turn an old dresser into a desk/storage for their office closet and I was kinda fed up with my cardboard side table that I couldn’t really do much with, so I took everything out of the closet, organized it and gave everything a “home” as my mom liked to say, and then set up my cardboard desk in there (since there was more floor space because I turned the suitcases into storage and put one on the shelf in that closet and put my other linens in one and put it on the shelf in my bedroom closet). Now it’s holding my box of random art supplies, my sewing machine, some stuffed animals, by sewing box and a bag of fabric is hanging from the rack.
Closet StorageLast week I changed the pictures in the kitchen, and they actually fit the space better and blend really well with the “I’m trying to look kind of modern with a hodgepodge of cool things” vibe we have running here.
Finally, today, I also organized my bookshelf by genre. Cook books and stuff on top, development is on the first shelf, fantasy/fiction/literature in the middle, and non-fiction at the bottom by the cat food. That doesn’t mean anything, I swear, I just keep the cat bowls there so they don’t get all messed up when I sweep. I don’t think the cat likes water a-la hair balls.
You’ll also notice, I have DVD’s and Xbox games and things intermittently – because…they needed to be somewhere.
After spending…who knows how many hours over the last few weeks half in frustration because of random stuff and no where to put them that isn’t cardboard (which, I still hope to remedy someday…with a trip to ikea). I finally am really happy with how my apartment looks right now. Subject to change – and I’ll probably take on the bathroom cupboard next week but hey, right now it looks good…and exhaustion has nothing to do with it.
*also, the Ron Paul sign, is hilarious which is why I have it. It’s *literally* a fan.


  1. kristin Avatar

    love the RP sign 😉
    (and your house looks lovely! i can’t wait to visit!)

    1. Kierstyn King Avatar

      (I can’t wait for you to come!!) 😀

  2. frogla Avatar

    agreed! your apt looks really clean and very stylish! great job!!! it’s hard to find a “home” for everything especially when apts don’t give much storage stuff to begin with. IKEA is awesome and i hope you get to buy more fun stuff there! <3

    1. Kierstyn King Avatar

      It’s true, though I think ours has more storage than some, I just don’t have anything to organize it with….

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