Weekly Painting Promo #3

I was gone on Monday, so I decided to use one of my already-available paintings for my Thing-A-Week promo and discount it and hopefully bring it a little love. It’s already been on sale on etsy for a couple days and if you’re a fan of Kiery’s Whimsy on Facebook you’ve already seen it, but if not, here it is:

My third painting my Harry Potter tribute, The Golden Snitch. It’s gotten less love than the others, but I love it – I worked really hard getting the snitch to look like a snitch flying over a distant field. I thought it turned out well, however, I’m going to need to take new pictures of it because I’m not really happy with how the pictures look – it’s way cooler in real life. But, what’s not to love about the snitch?!

So, until Monday, it’s $10 off of the normal price *and* discounted shipping, check it out!

ETA: Fixed the pictures!


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