TMI Thursday: hormonal imbalance

Most of the people who know me/read here know or picked up on the whole my-hormones-are-not-really-right thing that I’ve been dealing with since March. It’s been kind of painful, and I was trying a variety of herbs and supplements – but I really suck at remembering to take more than one thing every day. So in June I emailed a hormone specialist my mother-in-law recommended because I just couldn’t take it anymore. I was mood-swingy and in pain and sick feeling and it just sort of sucked. So she told me what I already knew – my hormones were *really* imbalanced and suggested that I try a double-strength progesterone cream and some calcium, magnesium, and evening primrose stuff.
I took a normal strength brand of Progesterone cream for 3 weeks and just tripled the dose until the kind she recommended came in, and that was actually starting to work pretty well – I was able to lose some of the weight that I gained over the last couple months (ugh) and my face was clearing up and my mood was getting back to normal. But then I stopped for the prescribed week to see if my system would reboot itself and the last 3 weeks progress just sort of vanished. So my mother-in-law called them for me (I wasn’t anywhere near feeling good enough to talk to people on the phone without freaking out) and sent me the information they gave her – which was thankfully that I can keep taking the cream as long as I need to until my hormones regulate and I can take it as soon as I start feeling sick again.  So I started taking the new cream that day, and I’m still waiting for it to kick back in again, it’s been 2 weeks. My face is just now starting to clear…sort of and my weight is fluctuating again – I’m closer to 126 (which is what I weighed when I started working out) than 130 today (which is what I’ve been bloating to since then :P) so that’s progress.
What’s not cool is that I ended up with a charlie horse or something today going down a step and now I’m walking weird (so mostly keeping to the chair). 😛 I keep forgetting to take my chocolate calcium bites that taste like tootsie rolls and my acidophulous (probiotics). But at least I remember the lotion…..
So, life tip: Progesterone cream is a *really* good thing.





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