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Thing-A-Week #5

Starbucks Poem watercolor.
I was actually at home this Monday and had access to my portfolio and was flipping through it to figure out which painting I’d like to feature this week and found my Eye of Jupiter/Starbuck’s poem watercolor that I made a while ago. I put a lot of effort into making the Eye of Jupiter and capturing a rusty feel with the background, and I still really like how it turned out.
So, for this week, it’s $10. đŸ˜€

Eye of Jupiter Watercolor

Thing A Week #4

In April, I made a 5×7 set of three Season Fairies to go with my 11×14 Winter Fairies painting I made one late night in December. I was anxiously awaiting the warm weather, and it’s finally come! Well, it’s been here a while, but I went swimming yesterday, so now it’s officially summer. To commemorate this, I decided to make my Summer Fairy  painting the special for this week.

Weekly Painting Promo #3

I was gone on Monday, so I decided to use one of my already-available paintings for my Thing-A-Week promo and discount it and hopefully bring it a little love. It’s already been on sale on etsy for a couple days and if you’re a fan of Kiery’s Whimsy on Facebook you’ve already seen it, but if not, here it is:

My third painting my Harry Potter tribute, The Golden Snitch. It’s gotten less love than the others, but I love it – I worked really hard getting the snitch to look like a snitch flying over a distant field. I thought it turned out well, however, I’m going to need to take new pictures of it because I’m not really happy with how the pictures look – it’s way cooler in real life. But, what’s not to love about the snitch?!

So, until Monday, it’s $10 off of the normal price *and* discounted shipping, check it out!

ETA: Fixed the pictures!