I’m not a huge fan of food. Basically, I eat because I’m grumpy if I don’t and then I confuse feeling hungry with feeling sick. So I’ve been working on eating – most of the time I eat breakfast, usually throw something together for lunch, and then we make or get takeout for dinner.
But I’m tired of spending lots of money on food during the week, but I dislike cooking everyday equally as much. Half of it, is because I feel like I have to spend too much time thinking about dinner way earlier than I want to (like, before I’m hungry for dinner…or lunch).
So my mother-in-law let us borrow this cookbook, that has meals by week and shopping lists. So next month, I think I’m going to try that. And it makes food for 4-6 people which means we’ll have leftovers.
For the rest of this week though, we decided to experiment with Ramen. We got a lot of little things of Ramen for lunches, because they’re cheap and should last until we can go grocery shopping while saving us from going to Subway or Amato’s every day for lunch.
I’m hoping, that if we end up eating out less (keeping it to weekends) then maybe we’ll be able to save a little more for all the things that we’re realizing we would like to have/save for. Moving steadily up to the top of that is a car…although, it’s still beneath my 27″ iMac.
But imagine if we just ate Ramen….
…we’d probably get really sick, so that’s out.


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