Crash Course Challenge days 5 & 6

Friday was hectic, but I managed to finish most of the Modernism section of isms and today I finished the book with Post Modernism. Interestingly, Modernism in general seemed to focus more on the impacts of the sub/unconscious while Post-Modernism seemed to focus more on the idea and concept of art and stemmed from opinions about modern society.
I feel happy about having a basic understanding of art history, and I realized that there was *alot* more to it than I was anticipating. So I probably won’t be doing a sample of *every* movement/style a week. I think that I’ll pull one or two of the most interesting per-era and study it, and then paint.
Art History isn’t the only thing I’ve been reading about. I’ve actually been really surprised and excited about how well Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and The Everyday Work of Art go together. What I’m learning though, I understand but can’t quite put into words. It makes sense to my artistic soul but can’t be explained. I’m still internalizing and only halfway through each of the books. Maybe, by the time I’m done with them I’ll be able to write about some of the things that stuck out and just made sense to me.
Sort of like driving.


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