Tag: Art History

  • Psychadelic, Baby!

    I’m going to say right now, that the title has absolutely nothing to do with what I’m writing about, I just wanted to say it. In a bit here I’m going to start working on illustrations and stuff, but I wanted to take a sec to post something I discovered today. Van Gogh is similar […]

  • Crash Course Challenge days 5 & 6

    Friday was hectic, but I managed to finish most of the Modernism section of isms and today I finished the book with Post Modernism. Interestingly, Modernism in general seemed to focus more on the impacts of the sub/unconscious while Post-Modernism seemed to focus more on the idea and concept of art and stemmed from opinions […]

  • Crash Course Challenge day 4

    I read some of the Modernism section in isms today which I took notes on and plan to finish tomorrow. So far it’s pretty cool, the 20th century was like it’s own little rebirth of art and brought more challenging thoughts and ideas that continued to push the boundaries and introduced new techniques.  It’s almost […]

  • Crash Course Challenge day 2: The Church and Art

    Today I read about the Baroque and Rocco era (which take place right after the Renaissance) and I found myself more and more intrigued by the amount of influence the church had over art. Particularly around the time of the reformation and the protestant-catholic issues. It really shouldn’t surprise me how much art was used […]

  • Crash Course Challenge (day 1)

    I started off the challenge with a trip to the library. I could have looked online, and I will, but I was hoping that I would be able to find a book that had the basics of all the art movements for me to go off of and then I could research them all further […]