I feel like a bad wifey. I hate being sick and not doing anything (Alex’s orders) and then having to ask Alex (who’s been working late and it’s sooo not fun) to clean for me because it starts to stress me out. I can’t paint either, due to coughing and neck-aches, heck, I haven’t even logged on to WoW this whole time. I feel like I should just clean anyway, and sweep and do laundry and whatever in spite of being sick, in spite of that totally not helping my cough, and in spite of the fact that I shouldn’t. I just feel useless and generally horrible. Even though, admittedly, it’s better for me to lay on the couch, drink lots of fluid, and do nothing. So I try and do things until he’s done – making fairy houses or whatever. Today I did end up brainstorming and got some ideas of what to work on next, so it’s not all nothing, I just feel like it’s nothing.
Alex has been awesome though.


  1. Mary M Avatar
    Mary M

    Take care of yourself. You can’t be a good wife unless you do. Get well soon!

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