I have a plan!

It’s already time to start thinking about art shows for this year – I actually sent in an application to one show, but I won’t know if I’m in for a few weeks still. But as I was feeling weak all day I thought I would do myself a favor and plan out what I needed to do for shows this year. I decided which series I wanted to go with (anonymous fairies), how many pieces I wanted to bring, which sizes and mediums I wanted to use, and gave myself an idea of pricing.
I then went and figured out all the things I would need to actually display and sell the pieces, and finally I narrowed down how many pieces I have left to make and sort of decided how I want to do those. So even though I spent *all* day in bed, I feel like I still got a little done.
Oh, and I made it to level 69 in WoW today, and filled my talent tree, so I’m now a holy paladin (healer for non-gamers). yay!


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