Progress (Already!)

Last month, around this time, I wrote three posts of things I want to do/accomplish this year personally, artistically, and with my book.
Personally, I’ve done two (3 if you count the oregon trip as a personal vacation and not a couples one) – I’ve gotten myself a bathing suit that I look *cute* in and feel good in, and (also in Oregon) I got a massage! It was wonderful. Going to have to do that again sometime.
Artistically, I just launched an online art gallery and relaunched my etsy shop, made watercolor business cards/ACEO and created some sets: Sci-Fi inspired, Anonymous Fairies, and Still Life. I’m also looking into applying to be in an art show in April.
As far as my book goes, I’m thinking about re-releasing via amazon createspace with an ISBN so I can continue with my marketing plan.
It’s been a really really good month. I even did something not on my list, that I’ve been wanting to do for ages – I visited the west coast and spent 3 weeks in the Oregon desert. I really really miss the water there, how weird that?


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