Fight Like a Girl

Last night I decided to paint my favorite shoes (and weapons)….high heels. Something about them makes me feel confident, tall (obviously), and I like knowing that if I ever needed to kick something while wearing them, I would probably at least leave a mark. Initially I was going to call it “I’m mad, so very very mad” – a Scott Pilgrim-esque way of naming things, but as I painted I became less angry and more….happy and added a purple-and-blue-haired fairy. So my initial title no longer fit.

Fight Like a Girl

I also decided to try my hand using my fan brush – I’ve stayed away from using it because I was nervous and didn’t really understand how it worked, but figured, I might as well try it for the background of my huge 16×20 canvas. It’s amazing. I love how much smoother it is to shade and bring in color. Way better than the other brushes I’ve been using.


  1. Annie Oakley Avatar
    Annie Oakley

    Pink is a calming color, so that is prolly why you couldn’t stay mad while painting a big pink pic. 😉 I am told that if you want to calm someone down you should put them in a pink room – it drains the anger out somehow. lol

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