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Watercolor on the West Coast #9 and #10

Yesterday, I woke up feeling sort of bad and didn’t end up doing anything, so this morning (still sickish) I made two pieces. The first, for yesterday, I just drew in my notebook, and the second is inspired by a friend. 🙂 Hopefully we’ll all get over whatever we’re coming down with quickly.

Fight Like a Girl

Last night I decided to paint my favorite shoes (and weapons)….high heels. Something about them makes me feel confident, tall (obviously), and I like knowing that if I ever needed to kick something while wearing them, I would probably at least leave a mark. Initially I was going to call it “I’m mad, so very very mad” – a Scott Pilgrim-esque way of naming things, but as I painted I became less angry and more….happy and added a purple-and-blue-haired fairy. So my initial title no longer fit.

Fight Like a Girl

I also decided to try my hand using my fan brush – I’ve stayed away from using it because I was nervous and didn’t really understand how it worked, but figured, I might as well try it for the background of my huge 16×20 canvas. It’s amazing. I love how much smoother it is to shade and bring in color. Way better than the other brushes I’ve been using.

Pain in the Shadows

She’s an amicable creature from a hostile country. She’s a dainty fairy and can’t survive on her own, yet full of a strength that few can muster. Her past full of hurt and crimes, she carries the world on her shoulders, but you wouldn’t know unless she showed you her pain hidden in the shadows.
(or Summer Glau on a butterfly’s wing)


For Christmas I got a wonderful easel, new acrylic paints, and 5(!!!) 16×20 canvasses. When we got home yesterday – after Alex had his fill of playing with his nerf gun – I decided to try it out (love it!). I didn’t really have any thoughts on it, I was just sort of painting and feeling it out (so it’s far from perfect). Cool Palettes are calming to me, so I stuck with blue and green hues, attempted a bonsai-like tree with moss, and finished with a firefly reference and tried my hand at calligraphy/chinese (“Serenity”).