Someday List:

This morning I was thinking of things that I really really want to do (with Alex and by *myself),or be able to do someday, even though they won’t really happen now. <introspective mood>
– Go dancing (either something fancy or just a random dance party)
– Explore Europe (England, France, Italy?)
– Walk on the coast of New Zealand in a white sundress
– *Showcase my art (which means having pieces good enough to showcase)
– Work on Film sets, maybe dabble in costume/wardrobe and editing
– Write a book
– Make a Short film
– *Hold a sign-making seminar for campaigns (in which they bring me their signs and I help make them better. maybe more just sign consulting)
– *Start dancing again (ballet, hip hop, jazz…)
– Learn how to ballroom dance (waltz, tango, latin…..)
– Have a fluffy cuddly pet with a cool name.
– Have an awesome house with a beautiful view…with two offices (so I can have an art room), at least one spare bedroom, a large kitchen, and possibly a home theater.
– To have enough resources (time, experience, equipment, insight, contacts) to help people get started on their dreams.
– *To host a fun party or something….with sherbet punch and shirley temples.
– To be able to be a temporary safe haven, help out friends, host people
– *Possibly help out a civil rights group
– Play instruments really well (together)



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