The Human Body

Is probably the most complex, intricate, beautiful, and unique thing ever created. In more conservative circles, things as simple as drawing the human body in it’s natural form is frowned upon at best and often times is accompanied by a connotation of perversion.  But why? The human body is beautiful, why should we not try to understand it? try to capture it in ink?
From a technique perspective, studying the body is the best way to learn to draw it – to understand the curves and the muscles and how they all fit together. From an artistic standpoint – we spend time trying to replicate nature in our art, why avoid one of the most intricate and beautiful pieces of that? us, our bodies.
I guess all of this is really to say, it’s not perverted to draw the human body in it’s natural form, when it’s natural form was created in the image of God and declared good. There’s no reason to shy away from it or label it as “bad” when it’s simply beautiful.



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