Daily Selfcare list

1) get dressed in day clothes that make you feel good, even if it’s just for a little while.
2) work out for 5 minutes to get your blood moving and to notice your body and feel it.
3) brush your hair if you don’t like how it feels or looks. put the dragonfly clips in, or wear the squid hat for a few minutes. 
4) breathe before bed (1..2..3…1..2..3)
5) drink water.
Because sometimes I forget basic things and I feel awful.





3 responses to “Daily Selfcare list”

  1. Mara Avatar

    You got this. So do I.

  2. Morgan Avatar

    I’ve started doing ten to twenty minute exercises to clear my mind and help me focus on being present. I get so lost in my brain, and I need something to pull me out. This is a great list. 🙂

  3. Abi P Avatar

    I hate my body. I do. And I don’t know how to not. But I don’t want to hate it. I want to love me. And…anyway, I just want to thank you, because you inspire and challenge me to try and love my body.
    Also have you heard of StyleLikeU?

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