I didn’t know how much I needed this trip until I took it, and now I feel soooo sappy.

I’ve wanted to have a birthday that involved just chilling with friends for ages, but my mom was anti-chill parties, and I never end up living physically close to my friends in general, so spending a weekend traipsing about DC and Richmond with my girlfriend exploring museums and seeing/meeting friends I’ve known for ages IRL, was just…….beautiful.

A perfect ending to the east coast chapter of my life, before embarking on a brand new adventure.

Stories were told, drinks were had, food was eaten, laughter was plentiful……it’s a small fucking world.

As I sit here on this train for 12 hours I’m just happy I finally got to see my friends, and happy I’m actually moving, and excited about the future and the next time we get to see each-other.

I have the best group.


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