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  • Thirty-Three


    I went to Lisbon for my birthday and saw where my great-grandparents immigrated from. Their building (not pictured) is still standing (or another building stands in its exact place, still full of residents). They lived on a hill in a neighborhood not unlike many in San Francisco. Away from the tourist areas on the water.…

  • 24

    I didn’t know how much I needed this trip until I took it, and now I feel soooo sappy. I’ve wanted to have a birthday that involved just chilling with friends for ages, but my mom was anti-chill parties, and I never end up living physically close to my friends in general, so spending a…

  • Birthday


    I feel like writing something, but I don’t know what I need to say, also I had the awesomest birthday yesterday (when it was actually my birthday) so, I’m showing off the awesome.

  • Change


    Last year, I wrote about how I felt different on my birthday, because I had finally given myself permission to live. I referred back to that permission throughout the year in different ways, and I think I’ll continue to refer back to it (remembering, that being myself is a life journey, not something accomplished in one…

  • New Things and Accomplishments

    New Things and Accomplishments

    Last year, around this time, I made a list of 21 things I wanted to do (because I turned 21):   I’m really proud of myself for getting so much of it done! This year I just put down a lot of things I wanted to do between 2.28.13 and 2.28.14:   “old things” are…

  • That one question

    That one question

    Do you feel any different now? I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a little different. Because for the first time in a while, I do. It’s a weird sense of accomplishment, being 21. Maybe it’s because I’m giving myself permission to step completely out of my box and just live as myself, as…

  • 21 in 2012 {list}

    21 in 2012 {list}

    Turns out, I’m really happy that I started thinking about this list ahead of time. Because 21 things (of ranging feasibility) can actually be a little harder than you’d imagine to come up with. But most of these things are actually really doable, which is what I was going for. Now I’m going to take…