Month: August 2012

  • Ignition

    The things that ignite my soul are the things that I try to {re}create and do. Sometimes I get overwhelmed because I try to do everything and learn ALL the things, and sometimes I have to remind myself that I can do things and that I have goals and plans and ambitions and reasons. I […]

  • I did the bare minimum of things today. Nothing really seemed to go right and I couldn’t get out of my head. Hormones and PTSD are starting to get to me and I just want to hide and snuggle and maybe pig out on chocolate. So right now I’m drinking snapple, watching cartoons, and have […]

  • KieryGeek Preproduction Note Three: Organization

    Over the last month or so, I’ve been writing down ideas and thoughts for the next season in whatever place I had handy. Last week, I went through and organized all of my notes into several google documents for easy access. I wrote the first script and idea-ized the next 12-15. I put together a […]

  • Cavern

    Playing with sketchbook express for the ipad and my fuzzy ipad pen. I love the shading and the world, but the people don’t fit…I need to practice making people with the ipad, and faces. Digging the torch-light though, and the pile of rock and rubble just outside it’s reaches.

  • My sort-of-not-really-almost-schedule-of-day-ideas

    In other words: What I want to tentatively do during the 5 weekdays starting with Monday. Monday: Nothing happens on Monday, productive Mondays are non existant unless I feel otherwise. Mondays are for gaming and fun or being creative. Mondays are for recharging. Tuesday: Tuesday is preproduction day for KieryGeek. Because I’m coming right off a relaxing […]