The Outbreak (2)

“It appears that the case containing a weaponized smallpox virus is missing” stated the man, as calmly as possible to the room of colorless faces. Fear-struck questions filled the air before he’d finished speaking. Sighing, he sunk into a chair and waited for the crowd to calm down before continuing.

The Chem lab on campus was closed for vacation, but Amy had her own setup in the basement of her parents house. She went to her car, carefully placing the case so as not to disturb the contents and started driving towards her home on the other side of town. She passed familiar landmarks and parks full of school children, like she did every day as a commuter. Her neck slowly began to itch before she was halfway home. Shrugging it off as mosquito, she stayed calm – as the itching slowly spread across her shoulders and to her arms she began to worry. So close to home, Amy continued until she parked in her driveway. Only then did she look down and notice she was covered in pox. Realizing that this was more than just a bad reaction to a mosquito, she grabbed the box and ran to the basement – whatever she contracted had to have been from inside the box; if she could figure out what it was, she probably had the right antibiotics to combat it.
Covering the case with her jacket- she barely made it into the kitchen before collapsing.


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