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  • The Outbreak (part 7)

    The Outbreak (part 7)

    Amy tossed and turned. Water was all she could think about but she couldn’t muster the strength to ask. She opened her bleary eyes and looked about the room. She found the cup; and noticed her parents asleep on chairs outside. She reached as far as she could to no avail. Defeated, she closed her…

  • The Outbreak (part 6)

    The Outbreak (part 6)

    “Amy, honey” Her mom whispered softly lowering herself into a chair by the bed, her father put his hand on her mother’s shoulder and looked down teary-eyed. “I’m so…sorry” Amy managed to murmur. Her parents cried and held her hand as the world faded into black again. — Black suit, soft steps, swipe of a…

  • The Outbreak (part 5)

    The Outbreak (part 5)

    Apologies for the length of time between this installation and the last one. Life and vacation happened and I ran out of words. I finally managed to put a few together this morning because I just needed to write. Hopefully I’ll break down this block and write more frequently again, thanks for your patience. —…

  • The Outbreak (part 4)

    The Outbreak (part 4)

    Squeaky wheels, bright lights, everything was blurring – voices, rolling, walls, beeping. Slowly unfamiliar faces came into focus. “w-wh-where, where am I?” Amy mumbled, stuttering as she was carted through a set of doors. Doctors were shouting and saying something about “CC’s” and “pox”, they shot something into her arm and everything grew dim again.…

  • The Outbreak (part 3)

    The Outbreak (part 3)

    The room slowly quieted. “It seems, that there was a mishap with the cases during transport. We don’t know what happened, we’re launching an investigation to look into it. A few of our operatives in charge of transporting are also missing.” He breathed slowly, keeping his composure that was hanging by a thread. “At this…

  • The Outbreak (2)

    The Outbreak (2)

    “It appears that the case containing a weaponized smallpox virus is missing” stated the man, as calmly as possible to the room of colorless faces. Fear-struck questions filled the air before he’d finished speaking. Sighing, he sunk into a chair and waited for the crowd to calm down before continuing. — The Chem lab on…

  • The Outbreak

    The Outbreak

    The train screeched into the station as if in a hurry. A man in a black suit with a briefcase got up and went to the door as it lurched to a halt. He disappeared as soon as the doors opened. — A small town in the middle of nowhere. The semester just ended and…

  • Living Memoir, Scene 2

    Living Memoir, Scene 2

    Scene 2 in the Living Memoir series:

  • Living Memoir {a comic}

    Living Memoir {a comic}

    Publishing weekly (ish): Living Memoir, scene 1.

  • Made Up Monday

    Made Up Monday

    There’s sun today! Well, there was and I was excited about it. The other day I looked up a story I started working on when I was 11. I got three “chapters” in and never really finished. The inspiration and muse just sort of went away for it. I was re-reading it the other day,…