The Outbreak (part 5)

Apologies for the length of time between this installation and the last one. Life and vacation happened and I ran out of words. I finally managed to put a few together this morning because I just needed to write. Hopefully I’ll break down this block and write more frequently again, thanks for your patience.

“It seems,” said the doctor quietly as he secured the door “that your daughter has become infected with a rare strain of smallpox”. Silence and worried looks passed throughout the small quarantined room – it was then that Amy noticed her parents and the doctor were all wearing masks. “Smallpox was in the case” she realized, horrified.
As the doctor continued to explain the situation as best he could, dread filled the atmosphere. “Unfortunately, because of this weaponized strain, there is as of yet, no antidote. We’re not sure what will happen, but we have the best people working on this. I suggest that this information stays within this room, and as far as friends and other family are concerned, we tell them it’s just a very bad case of the chicken pox until we know more.”
He hung his head apologetically and left the room, giving the family some space and time to process everything that they had just learned.

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  1. frogla (Heather Magee) Avatar

    Holy *hit this is good writing! I was hanging on the edge there so glad you are back to the story. OMG!! Awesome!!!

    1. frogla (Heather Magee) Avatar

      oh, & so super glad you had a great vacation!! 🙂

  2. Heather Magee Avatar

    is amy the only one with the outbreak of the ‘pox’?

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