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  • Freeze Peach

    Freeze Peach

    Free speech without boundaries becomes eliminationist speech very quickly, and that’s what we’re seeing.

  • The Danger To Children Is Already In The Church

    The Danger To Children Is Already In The Church

    Another Day, another round of people discovering that Matt Walsh and conservative evangelical leaders like him will go out of their way to justify their own pedophiliac tendencies through a bastardization of historical understanding. Earlier this month Media Matters revealed the horrific beliefs Matt Walsh espoused on-air in his radio show, and Walsh predictably responded…

  • 10 years

    10 years

    The 28th marks both my golden birthday and my 10th escape-versary. I’ve felt the amount of introspection and existential questioning I feel like most people reserve for their 30th, but this year feels more significant somehow. Ten years feels both like an eternity and also yesterday. I’ve spent a lot of time talking about where…

  • A's, Laney, and Gentrification

    A's, Laney, and Gentrification

    There’s a lot of interesting politics at Laney right now. The Oakland A’s want to build a new stadium on land owned by the Peralta school district. Much of the faculty and staff at Laney are actively against the project. On it’s face, I don’t really care about the A’s stadium or understand why they…

  • The Awkward In-Between

    The Awkward In-Between

    I’ve noticed myself try to be quieter as I’ve started becoming more visibly masculine.When people read me as male I feel like suddenly (in the feminist & progressive discourse spaces I inhabit) I no longer have a voice worth listening to. It’s difficult to balance the way feminist discourse at large tries to get masculine…

  • On Kindness and Transphobia [TW]

    On Kindness and Transphobia [TW]

    Someone from my past emailed me a few times this week. Claiming they were good listeners and wanted to have a relationship, “one soul to another”. They then sent two emails following that, The first, on valentine’s day, defending my parents by saying they were merely imperfect and I’m overreacting about the abuse I suffered at their…

  • I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Said Hello to Courtship, Met a Boy, and Got Married

    I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Said Hello to Courtship, Met a Boy, and Got Married

    My parents said they wanted to talk to me one day. I was like 8 or 10 or something innocuous and the thought of boys and kissing was still gross (ew, spit). They said that they decided I wouldn’t be allowed to date, that I would court instead. I said okay, having no idea what…

  • I was meant to be an arrow

    I was meant to be an arrow

    We would scoff at the idea that people wanted to have well-rounded educated children. I was meant to be an arrow to pierce the darkness and pop all the well-rounded bubbles. << actually a thing that was said. I watched the news nightly from the time I was 8, I listened to Rush Limbaugh and…

  • Preparing A Visionary Daughter to Do Hard Things (Written in 2010)

    Preparing A Visionary Daughter to Do Hard Things (Written in 2010)

      When I was 19 I had the opportunity to write out…basically my life story and post it to a website with a lot of readers. It helped me start processing my life and was the catalyst for rethinking all the things I was taught and starting to see my abuse for what it was.…

  • College isn’t For Girls (AKA: Backstory)

    College isn’t For Girls (AKA: Backstory)

    It occurred to me that while I’ve mentioned how my sex determined what I learned in school I haven’t really mentioned how that translated into college. This is actually a little complicated because my parents waffled quite a bit before settling on their decision. When we first started homeschooling my mother’s plan (with no input…