Sensing (more)

Been busy in my head lately, and it’s been wonderful. Sadly, neglectful of my little corner here, which (also sadly) is one of many corners of the web I assign my name and soul-print to.
When I took on my book and dropped a lot of other things, this got dropped, and that’s sad. But I’ve been enjoying the time in my head and finding my way back to center. A sense of clarity and a thrill is back and it’s wonderful.
read: The Nerdist Way (gooood book, not done yet, obviously, but dude, read. it. if you consider yourself a geek), The Art Journaler, twitter, the analytics on my channel.
taste: Coors Light Silver Bullet stuffs. So good. adding that to my new drink list. Also, THE MOUNTAINS CHANGE COLORS. Everything should change color. (I shared it 2 hours ago, I’m tired, not tipsy, I swear).

The sky #aprilprompt #taj #norules


smell: Fresh air, because the windows were open all day!

touch: furry cat and dry hands.

think: I need to think, but I’m too tired. Sometimes I just need to listen to people instead, and give my brain a rest. But I have a show to make, so I need to round up my material. Got to get into a pattern because I’m loving this new thing so much, and also, I want to make a 3 (or 5) piece Star Wars set of paintings because I have a Star Wars pillow in my living room. Well, and a Darth Vader candy dispenser….
feel: My wisdom tooth has been acting up off and on all day. Also, sinuses and headache. But I get to wear cute clothes and it’s warm(er), so I feel satisfied.


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