Yesterday, I bought and put together a desk for my set and art stuff, I finished the layout badge in team treehouse, and today, I wrote the entire script for my first episode.
I’m scared and excited about starting this. I’m happiest when I can mix all of my passions together and integrate them and I feel like I loose something when I focus on one thing exclusively – eventually I hit a wall and get bored because I’m not doing other things that I can bring into whatever I was exclusively focusing on. It’s weird, the way my brain works sometimes – random input and all that. So I’m really excited and I feel like this is what I’m supposed to be doing, a weird sense of clarity and “yes” revolves around this idea of mixing my love of art, film, community, and my weird excursions into a web series that I hope is at least interesting to people who aren’t me.
Here’s to doing something scary, and honestly, a bit vulnerable – but something I really feel like I should do, something that the thought of excites me and makes me come alive. cheers.
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