Late Night Edits

I had one of those weeks again – where at those times I should be getting ready for sleep, I come alive and decide to edit and update everything everywhere.
I made a new set of logos for my business – I wanted it to reflect the things I try to make: those moments when you find a piece of magic and it clicks. It’s not perfect (I don’t know how to make it completely perfect yet) but I feel like it embodies the feeling I want to create.

Kiery's Whimsy: Believe in Fantasy

I made various sizes – one for facebook ^ (and coincidentally, sidebar buttons and twitter icons), one for my etsy profile, and a banner.

Etsy Banner

I also updated all of the text everywhere (etsy, facebook, here) to more accurately and succinctly reflect my art and personality – the tagline wasn’t updated in that screenshot, but I did go on to change it to Believe in Fantasy.


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