Evening, night, dusk, twilight, eventide – my creativity ignites when the moon rises and the stars glisten hello. My best writing and musing takes place, ideas, inspiration, and lately second winds that send me into mad sewing escapades. So when Creative Every Day mentioned that February’s theme was night, two things happened: my inner night owl was pleased, and I finally realized how I was going to finish the painting in my bedroom (and tie in the plum hues).
Plum Stars
Plum stars. Magical, flowy, windswept plum stars that tie the plum fabric in with a whimsical-wanna-be-bohemian-hug.




  1. rain Avatar

    oh how i love this. so glad you found Creative Every Day. it’s an amazing site.

    1. Kierstyn King Avatar

      *smiles* I was hoping you would, you were sort of the inspiration.

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