In which I finish the HTML videos

I finished all the HTML videos on Team Tree House, made three pages, an input form, iframe box, chart, lists, various linkage and made my little inner geek happy. Actually ended up learning some things my husband didn’t know about which was also kind of fun. Posting screenshots because, well, I can’t link to any of my clever bits. This is the finished bit of everything I did today from the index page. I have a link to an alternate page (that hops to a different folder) and then a box (there’s also a link to that in the shot, it’s the “fun page”) with the third page (that isn’t in a folder) and the cool little input thingy I made up.
So much HTML learning
And the screenshot of the finished form – I wish I had a dev site open so you could click on it, because all the buttons work (though nothing is process-able, it’s all clickable and labeled).
Companion App
The next set of videos will take me into CSS3, more of HTML5, some javascript and I think some PHP too. I’m very excited about those…


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    you’re brilliant. the end.

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