2012 Posting Schedule (until I get bored or life happens)

I have lots of things I want to talk about, and lots of things I want to see/read this year but I’m having a hard time finding them, so I figured, hey, why not make the content?
In the previous post, I sort of introduced my new (first) comic series called “Living Memoir” I didn’t post any explanation, because I didn’t want to take away from the comic, but the basic premise is that it’s about a girl. The rest, you’ll have to keep reading every week to find out.
Anyway, to keep all of my ideas coming and posted in some order and not overlooked, I drafted out a blog schedule. I don’t have days, but I have  5 topics to post about ( 1 every weekday).
1) Living Memoir. – I’m thinking about making this a Monday thing, painting it on Friday and publishing on Monday giving me the weekend to color correct/adjust because my scanner is kinda…old.
2) Fitness/Nutrition/Health journal. I really want to find a blog that mixes basic health and nutrition 101 information with fitness for living in a second floor apartment with hardwood/laminate floors (I don’t want to jump). I can’t find that, so I’m questing to educate myself with a library trip in the near future, and intend to blog about my progress or lack of. I’ve been trying to lose weight and become more healthy since February/March of last year due to massive hormonal imbalance. I don’t really know how much progress I’ve made, because most of 2011 was me at the whim of my hormones and trying everything I could think of and find to fix them. [TMI] I can count the periods I had on one hand [/TMI]. It was…sucky, to say the least. So I’m going to journal my journey to health and fitness and treat myself to a bikini, hopefully, this summer.
3) Film progress. I’m really excited about this – We’ve been making little films since we got our DSLR and currently we’re working on some pre-production for an epic short we’re temporarily calling “The Short” with Alex’s sisters. I won’t post story details anytime soon but I will post pictures.
4) Art/Home Decor progress. I’ll update with my current and recent art projects and musings including my recent quest to actually decorate my bedroom (progress of that coming soon, the giant whitespace is primed now it just needs something more on it).
5) Lastly, I want to brush up on my programming skills. Alex taught me basic web-design in 2007, So I know some stuff and I’m pretty good with editing wordpress css and I know enough (x)html to code the Kiery on the Web and Follow Kiery text/html widgets that you see on the sidebar. I’m kinda rusty when it comes to setting things up from scratch and I’d like to learn PHP again. I have a book, and also found a cool website. I’m hoping that by posting about it weekly, I’ll end up actually learning instead of just wanting to.
I should also look up Ukulele lessons on youtube, and if I get okay enough at it, maybe I’ll post a video.
So this is what 2012 will look like on the blog until this ENFP gets bored or distracted or life happens.


  1. Veronica Avatar

    I totally agree. On Writing is one of the smatsert, most sensible books I’ve ever read on the craft. It was a jewel. I recommend it to any writer, even if you’re not a King fan. He’ll surprise you.

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