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My Book

My proof is in. Off the initial high and running around my apartment I decided to read over it again. I’ve read it so many times over the last month, not to mention writing and illustrating it and the story behind it. It started on day after being in bed sick for a week and I barely had energy to leave my bedroom, much less my apartment. So I wrote the story I came up with in a notebook in bed, and started a blog under a pen name to keep myself going and motivated and get through the initial drafting process. I spent basically everyday doing something and if I didn’t do anything, I was thinking about what to do next – it was emotionally draining, and towards the end it felt like my fictional story wasn’t as fictional as I thought it was. I poured myself into this little 34 page story of love that knows no end.
And now it’s here, the proof is on the couch beside me, a months worth of effort and an innumerable amount of myself – joy, pain, soul – the culmination of my work in print has a few tweaks left and then it will be available to anyone who wants it – probably today or over the weekend.  But here is a sneak peek of what it looks like printed.

Preview: Fairy

I realized as I was painting my last piece that if I took the time to really work on the shades my paintings could look much better – but I don’t usually take that time, as I paint all at once and my acrylic paint dries quickly – but I absolutely love how it looks when I do add the shades – like in the green fairy’s gown and hair

So I decided to spend my next painting focusing on shading…and I sketched out the next one in my notebook. I’m still working out how I want the colors to look (which is why it’s black and white), but I figured something simpler with details would probably be easier than something with say….three snowflakes and two fairies.


Have you ever just looked at a snowflake?
I sort of had, but not really, until the other day. I have a massive aversion to cold, so if I end up outside in the winter it’s only to run to another warm place and not stop and observe the falling snow that lands on my hair or coat or gets stuck on my eyelashes (because those are pretty hard to see anyway). But Sunday, I noticed…only because Alex had pointed them out to me as I was standing outside waiting to go to lunch. I was so surprised by the beauty of each individual snowflake – so tiny and intricate and detailed as they were melting on my sleeve that I got super excited and showed them to the people around me (who’ve all grown up with snow, and snowflakes).
Then I wanted to draw them and paint them…in all their intricate detail. Unfortunately, all I can manage (so far) is a basic snowflake shape, and no where near the level of splendor as the melted ones on my jacket, but it was gorgeous. All because I just stopped and observed for a moment.

Clay and Winter Fairies

Over the weekend Alex and I decided to pick up some clay and explore the world of miniatures. On Sunday night we baked a few pieces and yesterday I painted mine.

The tall tree-like piece was the most interesting because I had used some candle wax to mold it around. While it was cooking the wax melted (obviously) and sort of oozed around and ended up hardening onto the clay after it dried. Painting wax is interesting, it’s sort of…smudgy.

After painting the clay and coming home from the premier of the short film we worked on all summer, Alex had to work late – so I decided I would too. I’ve been wanting to paint snow/fairies/snowflakes, and decided to give it a try. While I was sketching it out I realized that I derive my interpretations of fairies and snowflakes from Tinkerbell and The Nutcracker. Which makes complete sense, given that I grew up in Florida…and the closest thing to snow I saw was the nutcracker snowflakes…

I didn’t really want the fairies to be white and blue like the rest of the picture, so I decided to paint them green and purple – I like how they are sort of the opposite of each other and still match, and I like how the colors stick out against the blue sky and the white flakes.

"Like" The Book

Today, as I’m sitting here trying to pump myself up on vitamin C and avoid catching yet another cold, I created a Facebook Page for my book, The Balloon Lady. I’ll be using it to post updates and other fun things (like, when and where you can buy it, and when the official website is up) and sync the blog posts to it as well. I love Facebook pages. So, if you think that’s cool, maybe you could like it?
And also, Happy December.