My Book

My proof is in. Off the initial high and running around my apartment I decided to read over it again. I’ve read it so many times over the last month, not to mention writing and illustrating it and the story behind it. It started on day after being in bed sick for a week and I barely had energy to leave my bedroom, much less my apartment. So I wrote the story I came up with in a notebook in bed, and started a blog under a pen name to keep myself going and motivated and get through the initial drafting process. I spent basically everyday doing something and if I didn’t do anything, I was thinking about what to do next – it was emotionally draining, and towards the end it felt like my fictional story wasn’t as fictional as I thought it was. I poured myself into this little 34 page story of love that knows no end.
And now it’s here, the proof is on the couch beside me, a months worth of effort and an innumerable amount of myself – joy, pain, soul – the culmination of my work in print has a few tweaks left and then it will be available to anyone who wants it – probably today or over the weekend.  But here is a sneak peek of what it looks like printed.

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