Have you ever just looked at a snowflake?
I sort of had, but not really, until the other day. I have a massive aversion to cold, so if I end up outside in the winter it’s only to run to another warm place and not stop and observe the falling snow that lands on my hair or coat or gets stuck on my eyelashes (because those are pretty hard to see anyway). But Sunday, I noticed…only because Alex had pointed them out to me as I was standing outside waiting to go to lunch. I was so surprised by the beauty of each individual snowflake – so tiny and intricate and detailed as they were melting on my sleeve that I got super excited and showed them to the people around me (who’ve all grown up with snow, and snowflakes).
Then I wanted to draw them and paint them…in all their intricate detail. Unfortunately, all I can manage (so far) is a basic snowflake shape, and no where near the level of splendor as the melted ones on my jacket, but it was gorgeous. All because I just stopped and observed for a moment.






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