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Pain in the Shadows

She’s an amicable creature from a hostile country. She’s a dainty fairy and can’t survive on her own, yet full of a strength that few can muster. Her past full of hurt and crimes, she carries the world on her shoulders, but you wouldn’t know unless she showed you her pain hidden in the shadows.
(or Summer Glau on a butterfly’s wing)

My Clutch Adventure

A few months ago, in an attempt to cut down on things I carry in my purse, I made myself a clutch. It was super cute – but the buttons and fraying fabric ribbons didn’t last overly long. So today, I went to claire’s for their huge after christmas/red-line sale and found a small purse that fit my iphone, wallet, prescription, keys, and earbuds (albeit snugly. it’s all essential!). *However* It didn’t have a wrist strap. So I went around the store looking at the other wristlets that were half off that had detachable straps and found one with a nice brown strap with similar material to the clutch that I actually planned on using.
I bought both of them, half off ($3 and $6) for $9 total (less than what you’d usually pay for a purse) I now have a clutch and an extra wallet. win!


For Christmas I got a wonderful easel, new acrylic paints, and 5(!!!) 16×20 canvasses. When we got home yesterday – after Alex had his fill of playing with his nerf gun – I decided to try it out (love it!). I didn’t really have any thoughts on it, I was just sort of painting and feeling it out (so it’s far from perfect). Cool Palettes are calming to me, so I stuck with blue and green hues, attempted a bonsai-like tree with moss, and finished with a firefly reference and tried my hand at calligraphy/chinese (“Serenity”).

Coughs and Giant Snowflakes

I’ve been sick on and off for a while…I guess it’s more that I’ve been sick, it just bothers me more at different times. Anyway, today I was feeling bad and so I brought out my pillow and a blanket and put them on the couch under the window. I sort of zombie-stare out of it into the sky and towards the roof with icicles. There was a huge icicle earlier, and then I looked away and when I looked back it was gone. I don’t know if it fell or melted…but on the other side there are 4 tinier skinnier ones that are just kinda hanging there like fangs. It’s like our gutter has a mouth and wants to bite…the air.

There are also giant snowflakes – well there were, they’re tinier now, but earlier they were really really big and falling slowly. Way more fun than yesterday when there was lots of snow that was falling super fast….like a pouring rain, except…snow. There was almost a glimpse of blue sky too, but then more clouds came, now the sun looks like a cotton ball.

From what the weathermen say there will be more snow today and into tomorrow….but the nutcracker is on Thursday so hopefully the roads will be clear for that.

Oh lovely Sunday

Today I went out and braved the weather to buy some candles that smell (more) like a christmas tree. Right now, we’re on the couch with the tree lights on, candles flickering, christmas pictures circling through the apple TV and some Rudolph music on the radio. It feels warm and happy and peaceful as we sip our tea and just hang out. Which is basically how I spent all the rest of the day, and wrapping an extra present while we wait for the rest to come in the mail (yay online shopping!).

Moments like this are awesome. I’m home.

Blog Evolution

Over the last year there’ve been many changes to this blog – it started out like it is now one blog with many different topics. Over the course of time I thought it would be cool to move my attempts at art to their own blog – because I thought that would be more interesting. Months passed and my husband made a comment about how maybe the evolution of my blog was somehow related to my self-confidence. As weird and lame as that is, he was right. I was trying to separate myself into parts that people would find most interesting – I set up a splash page, so if you wanted to see my art you could go there, if you wanted to see my (boring) random thoughts you could go here, if you wanted to just contact me, you could bypass the blogs completely. So whatever you were looking for, or whatever you were interested in, was right there, and you didn’t have to deal with the ‘me’ part of it.
For  while it helped me feel safe – I had an artistic (interesting) side and a separate (less interesting) thought process side. Thing is, they overlap. When something is a part of you, you can’t keep it separated forever – when your art coincides with your thoughts, your musing spurs creativity, what do you do then? Two different blog posts, apparently. Recently, I got tired of that (and Alex has been so supportive of this whole thing, and kept encouraging me to be *me* completely) and re-integrated my art blog here.
So, while I spent a lot of time moving blogs around for ease or whatever, what really happened was that I learned to accept myself completely, as a whole person – an artist and a thinker. Now, they aren’t mutually exclusive pieces of myself.  When you come to my blog you see me – artist, thinker, writer…an almost 20 year old discovering who she is. What I’m learning now, is that it’s beautiful.


Yesterday was probably the best day I’ve had in a long time. We didn’t do much – Alex slept late, I played WoW and listened to the rain fall. For the first time in a while I didn’t feel stressed. We just did whatever. After Alex woke up we went to the grocery store and got some balloons and strawberries and Alex surprised me by making a dish of chocolate covered strawberries and bananas and then we decorated our tree in red and silver while watching Elf. We spent the rest of the night just hanging out and watching TV and fell asleep listening to the wind. It was awesome.
When I woke up this morning the rain had gone and it was 50º and it feels like Christmas. I haven’t really been in a Christmassy mood at all and I’ve just sort of been flowing through December, but today, I feel warm and happy and like cookies might be tasty.